We would like to welcome you to the home page of Alpha Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, in Framingham, Massachusetts. The lodge is located at 404 Concord Street.

We meet every 4th Monday, September through June

As a lodge of Freemasons, we are part of the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world, an organization that is dedicated to the basic tenets of friendship, morality, and brotherly love. Alpha Lodge was formally constituted on November 13, 1876, and has been quietly serving the Framingham community since its inception. Part of our mission, and every Masonic lodge's mission, is to "make good men better" to serve our families, fraternity, faith, communities, and country. Alpha Lodge is a member of the 15th North Masonic District within the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Massachusetts.

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Learn more about our work at the Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

Service to the community is a hallmark of Freemasonry around the world. While this takes a varity of forms, the members of Alpha Lodge literally serve the community by working at the Pearl Street Cupboard & Café.

The partnership with the Pearl Street Cupboard & Café was created by Worshipful Brother Donald W. Crookes, Jr., during his term as Master of Alpha Lodge in 2014, and Wor. Bro. Crookes continues to lead and champion our service efforts in the Framingham community.

What does it mean to be a Freemason?

Masonic Gala Tercentenary Celebration

Join our Grandmaster and our entire jurisdiction in celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the founding of modern Freemasonry.


Alpha Lodge will be hosting our 142th installation of officers on September 11, 2017, and you're wondering, "what is an installation of officers?"

Formal or Casual -- Yes!

The uniform of an Officer of a masonic lodge in Massachusetts is the Tuxedo. Members of the lodge typically wear a suit or shirt, tie, and a jacket to masonic meetings and functions.  Our visitors, however, should feel free to wear whatever they consider to be comfortable and respectful within their own views given the occasion.

It's a bit of ceremony

The Freemasons have practice our craft for many hundreds of years. The ceremony is about accepting the duties, responsibilities, and commitments that the officers of a lodge make to the membership and Freemasonry. It's about honoring your commitments, following reason, treating all others with respect as equals, and it's about upholding these values for the upcoming year during which these elected and appointed officers will be entrusted with the care and direction of the lodge.

It's a bit of a dinner party

Before the installation, we invite our guests to join us for dinner to enjoy each others' company and conversation. The presiding Master, Worshipful Brother Adam C. Marks, will address the current officers, members, and guests of Alpha Lodge.

It's a bit of a retirement party

After dinner, we adjourn to the lodge room and conduct a formal retirement ceremony for the officers that served Alpha Lodge for the 2017 masonic year. It's also a bit of a formal event, since it's essentially been the same protocol for a very long time. We thank them for their services.

It's a bit of a welcoming party

We welcome aboard the elected and appointment officers for the 2018 masonic year. Our new officers make a commitment before all to uphold the duties of their office. The responsibilities of a lodge officer are many and include maintaining the finances of the lodge, upholding the customs and traditions of the lodge, planning and executing the upcoming year's mission and goals, having a command of our oral tradition, mostly unaltered from the beginning of the fraternity. In the end, it's very much an inauguration.

It's a bit of a history lesson

Because Freemasonry is steeped in History and because our officers join the ranks of many distinguished predecessors, our master of ceremonies will give a bit of history along with our installation to explain the importance of the events.